How To Use TikTok App, Ads Advertising For Business

TikTok App Advertising

In This Article Will Talk About Biddable Ads Which Are Coming To TikTok App. As TikTok Is An Emerging As The New Key Platform For Younger Users.

How To Use TikTok App, Ads Advertising For Business

Currently, TikTok App Is One Of The Fastest Growing And Most Downloaded App In The Country.

Monthly Active Users Are 52 Million And Average Time Spent Is Around 29 Mins/Day. It Is One-Stop Destination For Short-Form Mobile Videos. Get All Media Option Details & Advertising Rates For TikTok App At The Media Ant.

As Per Data From Sensor Tower: The TikTok App Now Has Close To 800 Million Total Installs To Date. That Figure Doesn’t Necessarily Reflect Active Users.

And Now, TikTok App Is Looking To Permit Advertisers To Tap Into Its Youth Appeal, Which Could See Budget Diverted From Other Sources – Most Notably Snapchat.

As Per Digiday, TikTok App Recently Launched Its First In-App Ad Units:

“The Ad Appeared Shortly After A User Launched The App And Lasted About 5 Seconds. Users Could Right Away Skip The Ad Via A Button At The Top Right Of The Screen.”

At This Stage, TikTok App Is Likely Experimenting With The Best Option To Help Guide Its Future Opportunities, But As Noted, The Addition Of TikTok Advertising Ads Will Likely Be A Concern For Snapchat. And It May Well Provide Some Interesting New Considerations For Marketers Looking To Tap Into The Rising Trend.

How Users Does Came To Know About Business Advertising In TikTok, App?

TikTok App Is Owned By Bytedance(Chinese Company), Which Operates Very Similar App In China Called Douyin. Douyin Has More Than 300 Million Monthly Active Users – Which Mean That, Essentially, TikTok App Has More Like 450 Million Users Worldwide.

That Also Means That TikTok App Has A Whole Other, Larger App Through Which It Can Test Out Different Tools And Options Before Rolling Them Out In Western Markets. Not Only Will That Enables TikTok App To Innovate Faster In Regards To New Options But It May Also See Them Roll Out Ad Units Quicker Than A Total Newcomer, As It Already Understanding Its Potential Opportunities In This Respect

TikTok App Advertising


As Noted, These Are Only Early-Stage Experiments From TikTok App, But The Fact That It Is Moving Quickly, And Does Have Significant Backing, Suggests That It Could Become A Much Larger Digital Marketing Consideration In 2019 And Beyond.

There’s A Lot To Play Out, But It’ll Definitely Be Worth Keeping Tabs On Developments.

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