Top 6 URL Shorteners Tools For 2019


Upcoming in new year the Top 6 URL Shorteners Tools For 2019!  There are many URL Shortener Tool which will be going to use in 2019. But the top URL Shortener tool is a great option to shorten long links.

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This will be going to surprise a good number of folks. Although the discontinuation of, there are still a good number of URL shortening tools that you can use.

Let’s talk about the most trustworthy options to minimize long links.

There is a list of Top 6 URL shortening tools that you can use this 2019.

This URL shortening tool for 2019 is one of the most recognizable names would have to be There is a good number of shortened URLs that you have clicked by using this tool. In this, you can instantly copy and paste this link to your website. is one of the best shortening tools form a very long time, and this shows its quality and reliability.


This URL shortening tool that has been around for quite some time is TinyURL. TinyURL also allows other option not only shorten your URLs. This tool makes handier to use is the option of being able to add it to your browser toolbar for Mozilla users and as a Google Chrome Extension.

This URL shortening tool that is a part of Hootsuite, which is one of the best social media sharing and monitoring tools available. The best part of being bundled with Hootsuite is that you would be able to integrate the links to your social media posts, which comes in handy when sharing content.

This URL shortening tool is the simplest tool. This gives you a shortened link in quick fashion, without the need of CAPTCHA codes or extra verification. The standard URL shortener creates your own custom URL, which helps create a more identifiable URL when pasting it into your posts.

This URL shortening tool is best for Mobile SEO. It is important to optimize and shorten your mobile links for better accessibility. is a manageable shortening tool which allows you to create links, integration with other applications, and link tracking. These sorts come with the initial shortening tool and this makes it a quality package that helps make your mobile SEO that much more efficient.

This URL shortening tool is a part of Buffer, which is another social media management tool that helps share and track your posts on different platforms. works best on these kinds of posts, as it prevents the link from breaking, and makes it easy to integrate into a post.


However, is discontinuing its services. There are static quality URL shortening tools are available. By using these tools it ensured that you would be able to create shortened and customized URLs that you can make use of on your social media posts and emails as well.

So, these are the Top 6 URL Shortener 2019(free). Comment below and share your opinion with us!